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Hunting Sword (Hanger)

  • Dated: circa 1630
  • Culture: British
  • Medium: steel, wood
  • Measurements: overall length 74 cm; blade length 63 cm; blade width 3.8 cm; hilt length 13 cm
  • Inscriptions: on the blade, obverse; inscribed: FERARA; reverse inscribed ANDRIA
  • Provenance: Gardner Sale, Sotheby’s 20/11/29, lot 20A

The pommel of the sword is made of steel and has the shape of an eagle’s head. The knuckle-guard curves outward at the top under the eagle’s beak and swells at midpoint to an oval cartouche crudely carved on each side as a human mask. The weapon has very short downcurled rear quillon, its terminal formed as an eagle’s head en suite with the pommel.

The large, sharply turned down shell-guard is carved on the outside ‘à jour’ with leaves and tendrils enclosing another mask, turned upward. Two of the tendrils end in grotesque heads are reminiscent of the ‘Babewyns’. The sword has a curved blade with a back-edge and a long narrow fuller against the back. On the obverse of the blade, lies an inscription, ‘FERARA’, and on the reverse ‘ANDRIA’.

Sources: Copyright © 2014 The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge, UK